About Us

Herman Cain captured the nation's attention during the 2012 presidential race because, while others were obsessed with the politics of distraction, Mr. Cain offered real solutions to the nation's economic and fiscal challenges. And he did it with a smile on his face and a sense of humor, because this is the way he achieved a lifetime of success in business and broadcasting.

With the debut of the nationally syndicated Herman Cain Show in January 2013, we want to expand the influence of the program via the web with Best of Cain. It's a constant flow of commentary, news, audio, video, humor and reader/listener interaction. Each day we bring you multiple commentaries from Mr. Cain and our team of contributors, as well as fun bits and our increasingly popular Fake Facebook conversations. We also offer each day, at the conclusion of the radio program, Overtime with HC, and video presentation from Mr. Cain that serves as a bonus for loyal listeners.

Best of Cain is the web extension of the phenomenon that is The Herman Cain Show. Join us each day, share your thoughts and tell your friends. The Cain Train has never stopped rolling, and the place to hop aboard is here at Best of Cain!