A year in, at least we know Trump Derangement Syndrome isn't going away

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Published by: Herman Cain on Monday January 08th, 2018

There is no known cure for this condition, except maybe the truth. But that won't help if you don't want it.

After nearly a year of the Trump presidency, it is clear that Trump Derangement Syndrome is here to stay among the liberal media and the so-called Democrat leaders in Congress.

The liberal media can't admit they have been wrong about President Trump, and the so-called Democrat leaders in Congress have no credible alternative to the impressive 2017 results of the Republican-controlled Congress and this president.

The liberal media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSMBC, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, etc.) are in a hole and they can't stop digging. So as the hole in their once-valued integrity gets deeper, they hope enough people will jump off the Trump train and jump into that hole with them. There are no signs that this is happening. 

Part of the liberal media's TDS addiction is the pre-election disdain for Donald Trump. They were so convinced that he could not beat their continue-the-status-quo Hillary that he became an easy target of late-night comedians. Well, the joke is on the jokesters. He won, and the first-year results speak for themselves.

Liberal media bias against a conservative president is not new. It’s in their DNA. I don't know all the reasons, but many of them are that way because that's all they have ever known since graduating from a journalism school, if they attended one.

Historically, the media were the watchdogs of truth for the people. Now, instead of reporting the news and keeping public figures honest, many times they try to create a news narrative to promote their political agenda. In today's environment, their agenda is to discredit and destroy this president, and his attempts to do what's right for the people and this nation.

The liberal media's tactics are deception, selective reporting and spinning speculations and trivialities in hopes that there is some there there. So far, they have come up empty. I for one don't even bother to watch any of the nightly news programs, because the bias is so obvious to someone who follows political developments on a daily basis. 

But people who still think the evening news programs are credible, unbiased bastions of truth get a false perception of political reality over time. The only thing we can do about that is to continue to tell the truth wherever and whenever we can. Results matter to those who will listen.

So-called Democrat leaders are so-called leaders because they are not leading. They are obstructing. When not one Democrat in Congress can find enough reasons to vote for the best tax changes we have seen in 30 years, they are either under a spell or fearful of reprisals from their Democrat colleagues if they dare to vote with Republicans. 

Never mind that those changes are good for the people and the nation. Politics come first for today's Democrats. It's another sad symptom of TDS.

After nearly a year of the Trump administration, at least we now know that TDS is not going away. The truth is also not going away. We just have to persist in all our efforts to spread the truth. 

It's like butter rising to the top in an old-fashioned churn. We may have to churn a little longer and a little harder, but the truth will rise to the top.

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